Thursday, January 28, 2010

Went to see Mike's neurosurgeon yesterday and all looks great, his cortisol is the only level that has dropped off at this point, so he will be taking a med for that. By the time we get into the endocrinologist we'll know more about what his thyroid and testosterone is doing. He can't sleep b/c of steroids, but he should be off those in a couple days.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All is going well with Mikey

Mike is doing real well.

He still can't sleep well because of the steroids and he gets little hot flashes, partly because he doesn't have a pituitary gland anymore.

He had some blood work done yesterday for our appointment w/the neurosurgeon on Wednesday... they need to start controlling all his hormones with meds now. It is taking a month to get into a good endocrinologist... and we got lucky because of a cancellation!! At first our appointment was going to be in JUNE!

Matthew had the flu for the past 3 days...then Sue got the flu and then finally I got the flu!!! I yi yi.... not so fun for any of us.
Thank goodness Mike hasn't gotten it... it would not be good for him to be throwing up w/ that wound up his nose to his skull.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mike getting his 15 year pin in hospital

Always smilin

Mike & his blue bonnet

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Before surgery

Dr. John Anson & me ~ my hero!!

This man is a genius!!!!! If you need a neurosurgeon here in Vegas or Lake Havasu, you need to see HIM!! Uhhh, I was soooo excited to get my pic w/ him. Too bad I look stupid.

Tuesday update on Mikey

I will post a few pics on here on Blogger vs Facebook ~ for some reason FB won't upload my pics from BlackBerry ... ?

I spoke with Mike this morning, he didn't sleep very well. They keep his room chilly (to help prevent bad little bugs from growing) and he is on IV steroids. He has wonderful nurses that are keeping him pain free. He will be MORE than excited to have that cath removed, not too happy bout that.

Today, they will do an MRI to be sure Dr. Anson was able to get the whole tumor. No radiation is expected. Surgeon did say that the tumor had hemorrhaged quite a bit and that is why he had such head pain. Once the MRI comes back he will probably be moved out of the Intensive Care Unit to a regular room.
Pathology on the tumor takes about a week or so ~ but we are expecting it to be non cancerous.

So far there has been no leaking out of his nose and he is not showing sign of Diabetic Insipitis (sp??) ~ that is where they pee out all their fluids ~ sometimes that happens after they remove a pituitary gland.

Thank GOD mom and LeRoy kept Matthew all day yesterday, he actually spent the night with them.... then Kim went over last night and hauled him off to her house for a night of fun ~ she will probably have him today too. Thank you Mom, LeRoy and Kim ~ you are a Godsend.

I came home last night and slept for almost ten hours, woke up for about a half an hour at 4:00 am, but fell back asleep. I think the past three weeks of stress and running on nervous energy has affected me. I feel wiped out, like I ran a marathon!! I also feel I have been in a car accident, it's weird... my body aches all over. Maybe I have been tense or something?

I'm thankful to God for answering our prayers ~ things could NOT have gone better yesterday.
Every bit of news we received was good. Sad about the pituitary gland, but it WAS expected.

I can't even describe the relief & joy I feel right now.

Thank you to all our wonderful & loving friends & family that called and text'd us all day yesterday. Please forgive me if I didn't call back or respond, it was kind of crazy.

We had lots of visitors yesterday and it was wonderful. Thank you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Out of surgery - went

Out of surgery - went smoothly - thinks he got it all -

Mike just went back to

Mike just went back to be prepped - surgery in 30 minutes. He came to hospital dressed to kill :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pre Admit

We ran around all day on Thursday to get him prepared for surgery.

Went to the Ear, Nose & Throat doc for a catscan,
ran over to Dr. Anson's to sign consent forms and then went to Sunrise Hospital to pre admit.

We were quite shocked to be told that we had to pay UPFRONT $958.00 before the surgery ~ even tho we have good health insurance. Yep, they figure out what they "think" your portion will end up being and you need to pay first or you don't get the surgery. Crazy when you have insurance and crazy that you pay FIRST. Things sure have changed over the years, in the past they billed your insurance and then you paid off the bill after insurance paid.

We also had to pay in advance for the surgeon.

Well, I guess it's pay me now or pay me later. I just did not like the way the hospital approached it. They said that people must pay in advance for "elective" surgery...
so I guess a tumor in your head is "elective".

Rolls eyes!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surgery date

Monday at 7:30 am over at Sunrise Hospital.

Thank God we have a date!

STILL waiting for surgery date

All has been approved by insurance company..

but all the dates the neurosurgeon sent over to the ENT doc didn't work for him..
Dr. Anson is calling ENT doc today I guess. It's been almost a week now.

I really want to get the show on the road ~ I don't want this thing to burst and we of course don't want any permanent damage to be done. We have already talked to someone who's tumor did just that. Another guy had "emergency surgery" so his wouldn't rupture and his was smaller than Mikes.

Will be sure to advise when we get a date.

Yes, I'm just a stress case. I really don't handle stress too well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick update until later

Tumor is 4 cm not 2.5... it's huge... in fact pituitary is part of the tumor now. So big that part of it died already and that is what was causing so much pain ten days ago. Surgery in approx two weeks. Just went for vision testing at Dr. Chen Young's office (our most favorite eye doctor) and now off for blood work up. Surgeon needs to coordinate w/ ENT doc. He will have a non functioning pituitary gland after surgery ~ SAD!! He will need to be on 3 to 4 meds to act as his pituitary gland. More later.

Monday, January 4, 2010

No futher news on Mike

No futher news on Mike until we go to neurosurgeon on Wednesday. Hopefully he can get this thing out soon!!

Just took Mikey back for

Just took Mikey back for MRI - We see neurosurgeon this Wed @ 8 am - have copy of CT Scan in my hot little hands. Mike is uncomfortable today.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug..

We found out yesterday that Mike has a tumor on his pituitary gland.

He spent four days, very sick in bed ~ thought it was just a nasty flu.
He had a severe headache and nausea. We went and saw the doctor in Beaver after two days.
He received two injections and two prescriptions. There was no improvement, so we called doctor back yesterday. He advised us to take him into ER for an IV re-hydration. When we saw the doctor he was very concerned that Mike's violent headache had not subsided, so he called for a CT scan. Then we received the horrible news. We are just stunned and shocked!! It came on so fast and he had no sypmtoms at all until Sunday night.

We came back home from Beaver this afternoon and plan to get in for an MRI as soon as possible. We have an appointment w/ a neurosurgeon on Wednesday.

At this time we don't know if it is benign or cancerous, but we understand that it is very rare for it to be cancerous. The problem is that his headaches will only get worse until we get it out of there. We also understand that this is not that uncommon and they remove it by going thru the nose or the roof of your mouth. *sinking heart* I feel so sad that Mike will have to go thru any of this.

This picture is of our wonderful friends up in Beaver. Ten minutes after we got "the news", they all came streaming into the room. What a wonderful sight it was to see our very dear friends walking in, when we needed them most!!! This is Tanji, Chelsea, Me, Mike, little Kayla and Jennie. Mike and Marie were there most of the time, but left right before the picture. Mikey Baxter took the picture :) Timmy wanted to come, but he said he got stuck at home with the rug rats. LOL

Mike and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I can not imagine going thru all we have gone thru without them. I know we can bear anything knowing we have them.

Please keep Mikey in your prayers.