Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Beaver pics

Mike narrowly missed cutting his finger off with a skillsaw ...... a little wake up call. YIKES! Thank goodness Timmy was there to care for his finger, I wanted to throw up looking at it. In the end..... it wasn't too too bad.... just a little deep.... but it's looking good now.
Thanks Tim and Mikey (Tim's brother) for fixing up my Mike's finger.

Mike washing/cleaning the logs... applying a bug and fungus treatment in preparation for the stain. Mom asked me why Mike was so far from the cabin...the reason is because the ramp to the basement is on that side. He had to move the scaffolding a few times. I have some great action pics of Timmy working his magic w/ his chain saw, but it's on the other camera. I will post some pics soon.
*LOL* What can I say ... there are six kids and three adults living in this house. Not including when we stay for a few days!!! It's quite fun at their house. Never a dull moment at the Baxter's!!!

The windows for the cabin. That first one in front is the "picture window" that will be over the sink in the kitchen. I'll be able to look at the beautiful mountains while washing dirty dishes.

Snow at the end of May.

One of the kitties born to Tim and Tanji's cat.

Thirteen kitties total were born to two cats. You can bet they don't have problems w/ mice!

Easter ducks and bunnies. Oh yes, there is a chicken back there, too. They are now enjoying life down at the pond.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beaver blog cabin

Working on the entry way.

Preparing for the front entrance door.

Toodles working his magic on the entry way. Again, this guy is amazing w/ the chainsaw!!!

Mike has started "cleaning" the logs on the outside w/ Messmer's cleaner, preparing for the beautiful stain we picked out. We ordered Messmer's UV Plus Natural Cedar for our cabin ~ we received THE GREATEST MOST EXCEPTIONAL help from a gentleman named Charlie at Messmer's. This stain will be good for our cabin logs AND the deck. We are thrilled about that.
Our windows came in a week or so ago. Things are starting to really take shape. After the staining and getting the winders in, we will start the roof.
Once the roof is up, we'll (they'll) work on the loft and decking.