Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My little puddle jumper

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He's our little soldier boy. God, I love this kid. Such a happy disposition ... he loves those puddles ... even the tiniest of puddles. Like all boys, I suppose. Casey loved puddles, too.

All I want, is for him to have a good life. A normal and happy life.

Believe it or not, I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that Matthew has a heart defect.

I have to accept it .... I know. I just HATE AND DREAD the thought of more heart surgeries.
I wish he/we never had to go back to the hospital. Hospitals are NOT FUN.

I feel sad today. I still ask "why".... why did this happen? I know I'm not supposed to ask why... but I do. :-/ Today I went to the waterpark ... I saw all these healthy little 2 year olds ... eating ... talking ... drinking .... playing ....

I wish Matthew did not have this defect, is all I can say.

I wish he could be fixed and be done with it.

We have an ECHO (to check on that leak) coming up on October 1st... maybe I'm just getting nervous.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh, the joys of doggies and 2 year olds

Last night, I had to use the (*eh hem*) "sandbox" ... so, I run in to use it .... Matthew is with me, of course.

My adorable dog Quixa comes in and throws her guts up all over my bathroom floor and part of the carpet to our room. In a blink of an eye, Matthew is over there squatting, with both his hands in the throw up..... splatting it. Ugghhhh.

Quixa's throw up smelled like poo!!!

I was gagging my head off ..... it was the nastiest thing I've experienced in quite some time.

I was cleaning Matthew's hands ... and then .... GAWD ... I had to clean up that dog mess. Usually, Mike cleans up nasty things like that, but lucky for him, he was at work. :-(

I was gagging so bad, that I was half tempted to throw a towel over it and leave for Mike to get it ... but the smell was too terrible, I couldn't.

Mike is such a champ, he doesn't have that gag reflex I have. (My sister and mom are the same way. The men always have to bail us out.)

Sorry, I didn't take pictures!! :-) That would have helped your visual.

How could I be upset with this sweet face?
This dog is hysterical .... we can never go to the bathroom alone... she even sits in our tiny hallway bathroom when I give Matthew a bath.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sweetest Thing

Sweetest Thing, by U2 is so cute.

If I am remembering correctly, Rhythumunbroken explained to me that Bono (lead singer of U2)was in trouble with his wife. So,he wrote this song for her. I am wondering if that's her sitting down in the beginning. The music starts when Bono hits the "play" button on the boom box.

If you watch the video (and you should!), you'll see how he's trying to make up with her. Pay close attention to what is going on all around him. *giggling* According to comments on You Tube, it seems the firemen in the video are a big hit. *giggling*

It's very cute. This should make you smile.

(If I were his wife, I'd forgive him!)
*according to the YT comments... it is his wife.. and they donated the proceeds of this song to the charity she runs. He either forgot her birthday or forgot to thank her during some awards for Joshua Tree.