Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday update on Mikey

I will post a few pics on here on Blogger vs Facebook ~ for some reason FB won't upload my pics from BlackBerry ... ?

I spoke with Mike this morning, he didn't sleep very well. They keep his room chilly (to help prevent bad little bugs from growing) and he is on IV steroids. He has wonderful nurses that are keeping him pain free. He will be MORE than excited to have that cath removed, not too happy bout that.

Today, they will do an MRI to be sure Dr. Anson was able to get the whole tumor. No radiation is expected. Surgeon did say that the tumor had hemorrhaged quite a bit and that is why he had such head pain. Once the MRI comes back he will probably be moved out of the Intensive Care Unit to a regular room.
Pathology on the tumor takes about a week or so ~ but we are expecting it to be non cancerous.

So far there has been no leaking out of his nose and he is not showing sign of Diabetic Insipitis (sp??) ~ that is where they pee out all their fluids ~ sometimes that happens after they remove a pituitary gland.

Thank GOD mom and LeRoy kept Matthew all day yesterday, he actually spent the night with them.... then Kim went over last night and hauled him off to her house for a night of fun ~ she will probably have him today too. Thank you Mom, LeRoy and Kim ~ you are a Godsend.

I came home last night and slept for almost ten hours, woke up for about a half an hour at 4:00 am, but fell back asleep. I think the past three weeks of stress and running on nervous energy has affected me. I feel wiped out, like I ran a marathon!! I also feel I have been in a car accident, it's weird... my body aches all over. Maybe I have been tense or something?

I'm thankful to God for answering our prayers ~ things could NOT have gone better yesterday.
Every bit of news we received was good. Sad about the pituitary gland, but it WAS expected.

I can't even describe the relief & joy I feel right now.

Thank you to all our wonderful & loving friends & family that called and text'd us all day yesterday. Please forgive me if I didn't call back or respond, it was kind of crazy.

We had lots of visitors yesterday and it was wonderful. Thank you.


Jackie said...

I can't see why....but people seem to love you, Terri!!...lol

It isn't an accident that you have such a loving, caring family that is close in proximity; Kim, Janet and LeRoy. Their availability for Magoo is part of the Plan to see that you and Mike get through this ordeal. You are so right when you said they are a Godsend!

What a testimony!

The Portas said...

I am soo so glad the surgery went well. Thank God thank God thank God!

Terri, it is totally understandable to me why you would be EXHAUSTED and even achy. Your mind and body have been through A LOT in the past few weeks.

How wonderful that Matthew got Grandma time! That is Elijah's absolute most favorite time in the world. I'm sure they had a blast together.

We will continue to pray for you guys, and especially for Mike's healing and BOTH of your emotional healing. This has been a lot of stuff for you both to deal with, I'm sure. Know that there are tons of people praying for and loving you guys!

Sending lots of love from MN!
Dan, Megan & Elijah (and baby, too)

RNSANE said...

Terri, that is wonderful news. I am sure your body was just telling you it was time to hang loose and give in to a little healing rest. It sounds like Mike is getting the best of care. You are blessed with friends and family who love you and, of course, your blogging friends are here for you!

Jen said...

Sending good thoughts and more prayers your way.
Prayers of Praise!

TUFFENUF said...

I am glad to see that Mike's surgery went well. He has been in my thoughts a lot lately. Congrats on his 15 yr. pin too- the next 10 go by really fast! I am sending good thoughts & prayers your way. Take care of yourself too, Teri!

Chris H said...

You were bound to be stressed out and tense... hence the aches and pains! Relax a little if you can and remember ... TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO.