Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

There will be a "witch's hat" over the octagonal section of the house. We've decided on a basic hunter green roof b/c we have a hunter green steel building across the way.

There will be a wrap around deck w/ covered porch from the left side around the entire back. You can see the footers in place. Unfortunately, the concrete guy messed up and those footers need to be buried 31"... so they will all have to be moved come spring before we put up the deck.
There will be a balcony on the second level ... a door will come off my sisters room and a door from the upstairs hallway. The view is spectacular.

Looking up from the back corner of the house.
Yes, this is what it looks like. We have two leaks in the basement where the "walls blew" while they were pouring. We are not happy ... and neither is the inspector. The concrete guy will have to come back out and put up some kind of sticky tape on the outside walls. In the front (under the front door) is a nasty looking "honeycomb" area... it is structurally sound, but now it's leaking. Just one of the little joys of building a cabin. Thankfully, our inspector watches out for us and is sure to get things fixed when they're not right.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin ~ Tuesday

See those holes in the logs? That is where a trapezoidal window will go.

Matthew still feeling under the weather. Heck, I'm still feeling under the weather! This has actually been pretty miserable for both of us.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beaver blog cabin pics and more :-)

Mike sent me these tongue and groove pics a few minutes ago. This is the front entry room area.
The T&G in this picture is over the great room.
This is the front entry. The mudroom will have it's own roofline... and the entry area will have an "A" frame entry.

Mike just left for Beaver. He missed going during his last three days off *pouts* because he was scheduled to go to court for a trial ~ but then the trial was cancelled at the very last minute. GAH! I guess it worked out for the best because he ended up being sick. The boys will be busy for the next three days "making tongue and groove history" as Tim says. The "busy Beaver builders" are looking forward to getting a lot done, weather permitting. It's been crazy snowy and windy the past few weeks.

Matthew and I stayed behind because we are both sick. Matthew is on antibiotics again, poor little fella. It's been a tough month for him. He just can't fight off illnesses very well.
You can see the tongue and groove being started.
Look at that snow! We'd much rather have snow than rain, that's for sure!

Mike took this pic from the very top beam going across the house ~ that is 29 feet high. I yi yi.
Quixa looking for "Fluffy". Here kitty kitty!
Matthew is spending his third day hanging out on the couch. He never does that!!!
The pretty roses Mike sent me for Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please pray for little baby Colin, he's having open heart surgery today.
Caution to those of you that are squeamish, the first pic of Colin w/ his chest open.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Are these pictures blurry to you, or are they mine eyes?
Not getting much done up there... other than shoveling snow. Mike tried to work in it yesterday, but it was snowing so much, his toolbox was filling w/ snow.

The road on our property to our cabin. Beautiful, huh. Cold!
Our green "Walton's truck". We love this loud thing. We don't ride around in it much anymore... the ATV's get more use now. This thing is sooo loud, that we'd wear headphones w/ a microphone so we could talk to each other. Funny, those were days from a long time ago.

Amy and Quixa want that kitty!! Come out Fluffy!!

The neibs front deck.
Check out Tim's chainsaw work on the gables! He is awesome.