Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Timmy putting the trim up on the gable ends

Ohhhhhh.... check out Magoo's window in his room! Coolness.

Originally, Matthew's room was going to be in the front, over the kitchen. But the beam work was soooo beautiful over the kitchen, we didn't want to cover it up. So we moved his room to the back, next to Kim's room. Works out better actually because both bathrooms are next to each other. Our kitchen area will be sooo open and beautiful and now we'll have lots of room for high cabinets.

We have made quite a few changes on the inside! We needed to make great use of every square inch since we had to cut back so much from our first plans. Our bedroom and our dining area was to be a "pop out"... but the first bid came in $64,000 higher than we had expected... so... we had to start erasing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Look what my husband brought home from Beaver

This is one of the Baxter's little kitties... Let me introduce to you to Spooky.

She's loving being an inside cat ~ hanging out on a blanket and a pillow on the couch.

I found Spooky inside this very small box...
Just chillin folks. She's giving me a little wink.

Watching this kitten play makes you forget all the troubles of the world.
She will play with anything! A small piece of paper on the floor will keep her entertained for about 20 minutes.

I loved it most when she came running in our room ... sideways ... on her tippie paws ... her back arched and tail pointed!!
Quixa wanting that kitty!!

Now, this is Baxter ... the one I wanted.... we may try him out for a while and see how it works out. Isn't he so cute! I think it's a he...??

Friday, October 24, 2008

More good news from Matthew's cardiologist

Dr. Mayman... his pediatric cardiologist.
Matthew is asleep in this picture ... after having a huge conniption while waiting. This is Dr. Baron his GI doc.

Matthew's Blog: Two doctor appointments this morning.

Thank goodness October is over and we had all good news from his doctors.

No more specialist appointments for 4 months!!

We don't need to see the pulmonologist or cardiologist for 6 months. His pediatrician is as needed. We just need to keep him healthy during the winter months.

We sure thank our blessings.

I posted some pics while at the two doctor appointments.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

This is Matthew's trapezoid window. We had to make it a slider so that if there were ever a fire, a firefighter could crawl thru the window.

This is the trapezoid window over the staircase. Only one more window to put in and we're done with windows ~ and the cabin will be totally "dried in."
Getting that trim up to cover the double insulation, that cost us double what we thought. lol Well, that part really isn't that funny.

Mike is still caulking... he has one more side to caulk. It takes foreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr!
Also, it's getting colder now, and it has to be 40 degrees or higher to caulk outside. I don't think caulking is Mike's favorite part. It's murder on his finger.

Next, the covered deck across the back and the side over the hill. Woo Hoo! I can hardly wait for that!!!!!!! It's going to look so much bigger w/ a covered deck.

Thennnnnn at some point, they will put up the balcony outside of Kimmy's room.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

More wedding pics in addition to my previous post

Matthew was too grumpy and sick for me to go to Beaver this time ... so, I came to mom's ~ it was the only way to stop Matthew's major conniption fit. While I was here I scanned some more wedding pics.
This is Mikey and Casey. My two favorite men.
Now you can see all the beautiful dresses that Marci made. Marci is to the right and those are her little girlies. My sister Kim is next to me. Marci had just had colon cancer surgery the April before our wedding and she still made my dresses!! She's doing great BTW ~ 95% cured. Praise God!
My two best boys. I am close to 11 years older than Mike... and Mike is close to 11 years older than my son. *snort* Casey walked me down the grass to the alter.
This is Johnny and Mike... Johnny and Mike have been best friends since Jr. High ... up in San Ramon. This picture is hysterical...it was taken the day after the wedding while cleaning up.

I have this 5x7 framed in our den. I frequently tell Mike that I've always known Johnny is really "his best girl". I knew I caught on the rebound!! LOL

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary is today

First, I'd like to thank my mom for scanning this pic she has hanging on her wall and e~mailing it to me....
I have a scanner but I can't figure the thing out. I have another great picture similar to this, but it has my son Casey in it, too. Maybe I can get it on later. Casey looked so incredibly handsome!!


I can't believe it's been 7 years now. That was one of the happiest days of my life.
I had finally found Mr. Perfect. It was a dream come true ~ I still pinch myself to be sure this is real. Mike is just as perfect today as he was back then and he still calls me his "best girl"!
Isn't he soooo handsome!!

We had such a fun backyard wedding.

October is a great month here in L.V. ~ nice an cool.
We decided to save tens of thousands of dollars and do it simple. We just took a lot of the money we saved and fixed up our patio and backyard instead! *shakes head* We are just so practical!! LOL

We always joke around that we got married out by the dog run. (Mike had built the most beautiful dog run w/ slump stone and fancy wrought iron. You'd never know it was a dog run.) When people would see these pictures, they would ask if we got married at The Secret Garden... and we'd just giggle and tell 'em "nope, we got married out by the dog run!!" Sometimes if I ever misbehaved, Mike would jokingly say, "Hey, you promised to obey ... right out there by the dog run!".

One of my very best friends, Marci in Reno HAND MADE my champagne wedding dress and veil ... all the bridesmaid dresses (amethyst in color) and the flower girl dresses. Her daughters were my little adorable flower girls. This dress is so incredibly beautiful...there are 110 buttons down the back of this dress ... her husband helped to cover. There is a huge beautiful bow at the bottom of the dress..... and there is lace on the dress full of sequins and pearls.

Another one of my very best friends, Susan flew up from Florida to take all of my wedding pictures and she did a fabulous job! She ran around in her little "zebra" dress, barefoot taking pictures. She was the master of the wedding. She also helped us to beautify the dog run by putting all kinds of big huge fake plants on the other side.

We had a cake baker (who worked at the Belagio) bake and decorate the most beautiful wedding cake. I will post a picture if I can ever scan pictures. This was the best tasting cake EVER. The cake was for 150 people (we had 125 people) and it was GONE by the time WE got around to it! We did get our little bite during the cutting of the cake and toast.

The caterer was supposed to show up at 11 AM for our 2:30 pm wedding... but since there was a UNLV and UNR football game... a couple of the workers didn't show up...
so the caterer showed up at 2:00!! I was in a panic.

I'll spare ya'll the gory details of the night before when we were setting up all the chairs and tables. Our very old cat was leaving little loose "bombs" all over the place. I was freaking out.

It was such a magical day and it went by so fast. Blurr is what we remember of it.

Our house has so many wonderful memories. I first met Mike in my kitchen during a little BBQ. Mike proposed to me during his 30th birthday party, in the kitchen. Then, we got married here!

Thank you Mike for making me the happiest girl on earth. Thank you for being the best husband ever. Thank you for being such a good daddy to our little soldier boy. Thank you too, for loving and caring for Casey as if he were your own son!

Well, we're off to Beaver again, our other little piece of Heaven on earth. We bought that property while on our honeymoon!!! We were camping in Utah and drove around looking for land.

Hey... look what I found on my computer "pictures" file... here's the cake!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matthew's Blog: No more kidney reflux!! Wahhhh hoooo!!

Isn't he so sweet! Hospitals now have "blue" print now, in the past he wore "pink".

Matthew's Blog: No more kidney reflux!! Wahhhh hoooo!!
We are all so glad it's over ... and he'll never have to go thru that again.
He's ready to get outta there. This picture cracks us up... we call it the "one cheek peek".

Monday, October 13, 2008

ATV riding up the face of Beaver Mountain

Tanji surprised me with a few hours "off" of caring for Matthew to go for an ATV ride up the face of Beaver Mountain with Mike ... I hadn't done that since before Matthew was born. It was soooo much fun...I loved every second. I think October is the most beautiful time up in Beaver. The leaves are turning orange and yellow. Here are a few "cell phone" pics:

A self portrait.... we were in Heaven.

Our cabin is down there a little past those two roads... to the left of center.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our new "old" woodburning stove

Well, here it is. The wood burning stove we bought from a family in Cedar City. Timmy found it for us by listening to "Tradio"... it's a program where you listen to local classifieds on the radio!! Very very country... it's so funny. This stove is going to be great because there is a blower on the back that will blow the heat coming from the fire (thru those little holes up top) and 8 inch tube ... also, we will be able to burn coal along with the wood. The doors are huge so we could burn a stump! Can you see the deers and the moose on the front?? This puppy was approx 600lbs... it took 4 strong "he men" to carry it up into the family room.

This old one cost us only a third of what a brand new one would cost and fits our needs a lot more. I would have liked to have had a glass front, but we'll get a screen. We bought some beautiful slate from Home Depot, it will go under the stove.
It's an "Indian multi color"... something like that. It's going to be pretty.

Just got home from spending almost two weeks in Beaver. Mike has done a lot of the caulking on the outside of the cabin.

I won't be going up for a couple weeks.
This month is a busy doctor month ... we spent almost 2 hours at his pulmonologist office yesterday... we go for a kidney reflux test Tuesday (that will NOT be fun for Matthew or us) ... he as a GI doctor appointment and an ECHO in a couple weeks. The last ECHO was 6 months ago. As usual, I get nervous about the ECHO. Hoping for no more leaking and no sludge build up on that valve.

Not much else going on around here.