Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pre Admit

We ran around all day on Thursday to get him prepared for surgery.

Went to the Ear, Nose & Throat doc for a catscan,
ran over to Dr. Anson's to sign consent forms and then went to Sunrise Hospital to pre admit.

We were quite shocked to be told that we had to pay UPFRONT $958.00 before the surgery ~ even tho we have good health insurance. Yep, they figure out what they "think" your portion will end up being and you need to pay first or you don't get the surgery. Crazy when you have insurance and crazy that you pay FIRST. Things sure have changed over the years, in the past they billed your insurance and then you paid off the bill after insurance paid.

We also had to pay in advance for the surgeon.

Well, I guess it's pay me now or pay me later. I just did not like the way the hospital approached it. They said that people must pay in advance for "elective" surgery...
so I guess a tumor in your head is "elective".

Rolls eyes!!!


Klin said...

WTH?! Tumors are elective? The must be preparing for ObamaCare early :(

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

The Obamunists are coming.

Chris H said...

ELECTIVE SURGERY!??? What the hell? I see.. you have to choose to get rid of the tumor, so it's 'elective'? That is crazy.
So if you break your leg.. you choose to have it fixed... and that would be 'elective' too? Weird.
All the best, keep us up to date with how things go.
Thinking of you.