Saturday, September 27, 2008

Class Reunion of 1978 was BLAST!!!

Sunday, Sept. 28th update: I went to the festivities last night as well. Like Friday night, it was a blast. Lot's of 70's music being played in the background to keep us all back in time!! Still amazed at how good everyone looked. There were lots of posters, signs and pictures of the good ole days at Western High School. Lots of dancing (NOT ME THOUGH) and good food. There was a large blue, red & white cake for us to enjoy, I enjoyed the chocolate w/ chocolate cream filled. We are going to try and have a once a year informal get together. What was crazy, it did not seem like 30 years had passed.... it's like we all just picked up where we left off. I took a moment to sit and watch all my ole classmates laugh and talk and dance ... it was so enjoyable...
I wanted to absorb every minute. I am so lucky. Thank you again Kim for coming to sit w/ Magoo. I really wish Mike could have been there.

I had the time of my life last night!!!! I am so glad my sister really pushed me to go. She was so kind to come over after a long day of prosecuting creepy criminals to watch my little "toddler tornado". Oh, I did put a watch on after this pic was taken.... you can see my watch line.

I felt like a teenager again ~ it was like we went back in time!!! Everyone looked so wonderful and exactly like they were in high school. I could have stayed thru the night!

Honestly, we all couldn't believe we were at our 30th class reunion. The ONLY thing that everyone kept doing as we exchanged our "I'm a person" or business cards, was to pull the card way out and struggle to read the gosh darn thing! was so funny. Welllll, in our defense ... it was not the best lighting in the place.

It was kind of like my wedding day... there were soo many fun people to talk to ... but you didn't have time to visit with any one person too long and you didn't want to miss talking to someone.
Crazy. Sometimes you would be talking to someone, then someone else would come along and tap you on your shoulder right in the middle of a conversation... it was nuts!!

When I was in school, I had a bad habit of never wearing my shoes (sorry mom) ... I always took them off and carried them on my finger. Well, my feet were killing me last night because I am not used to wearing adorable high heeled shoes. So, if I were standing there just talking, I would just step out of my shoes and visit comfortably and maybe a couple times I walked around with them off. People totally remembered that I was the barefoot queen.

I will come back w/ more fun details ... but you know how I was worrying because I need to lose those nasty 15 to 20 lbs .... well, everyone made me feel so good last night that I totally forgot about it! I am such a "momster" these days. If I hadn't gone, it's because I felt fat and I didn't want anyone to see me that way. How silly... what a mistake that would have been.

Really and truly, even way back then, I knew I went to school with the greatest bunch of kids. A lot of these people I went to Elementary and Jr. High with as well.

The only thing that would have made the night better, was if Mike could have come. He could not get the night off *sad face* ... a couple of the other Sergeants were on leave.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 30th year class reunion is this weekend.

Dang, I wish I would have gotten those 15 to 20 pounds off!! I've been saying that for 3 years now. I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get back to my old shape. I think exercise might help ~ I'm pretty good at making excuses.

Oh well ... it should still be fun anyway. Sadly, Mike can't get time off of work, so I have to go alone. My sister kindly offered to watch Magoo for a few hours on Friday night. If it goes well on Friday, I might beg her to watch him Saturday night, too.

The other day, I signed up for ... and oh my heck ... it was so worth it!! I've already been in touch with several of my old buddies. If you haven't done it... it's great.

I didn't go to Beaver this week because I had so many things to take care of here.
I will be going up for ten days next week, the neighbs are going Elk hunting, so I'm tending to the chillins.

I'll be back with some pictures later.

I need to learn how to be contacted when blogs are updated.... Chris H said it was easy, but I couldn't figure it out. I must be we Todd did.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yowza!! This is what happens when the wind catches the metal... it bore itself into this beam on the ground... we had to make sure no one and no doggies were underneath the roof until it was secured.

Mikey going on his first ride along for Bow Hunting.... my "virgin hunter"... hee hee. Mike had the greatest time... now that the roof is on, the boys can have a little "he man" fun time.

Tim hates having his picture taken.. he's trying to get away from me.
Matthew showing off his peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich. Yummy.

The roof is on... they just need to put the trim on the front to cover the insulation.
The loft is done... and the boys are framing the rooms in. They are in the process of putting the windows in upstairs. Mike has been caulking the back side of the house. Once the caulking is done and the windows/doors are all in... they will start the covered deck. Woo Hoo... it's coming along. We bought a wood burning stove and some beautiful slate last week... I will post a pic soon. It's a huge stove w/a blower fan ~ we can load up w/ coal and wood. Can't beat free heat!

A picture Kim took of Sunny while we were gone... he gets lonely, so we have arranged for him to have visitors. Kim is Sunny's favorite person, even though I AM THE ONE who feeds him and takes care of him. When Kim comes over, he practically jumps on her, it's funny. What a silly bird.
The view out of Matthew's room. This will be a trapezoid window. You can barely see all the moo moo cows down in the field. The neighbs were joking around that this would be a perfect place to hunt for the deer in the fields ..... *eh hem* NOT!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yay, roof is on! We are now home after 10 days in Beaver.

My little "doo rag" dude. He watches his uncle Tim wear a "doo rag" under his floppy hat every day... now he has his own. A casualty of "roofing"... this fell a half a dozen times... I think it still works!! All taped up.

Unloading the steel.
Mike standing in Kim's doorway. Soon there will be a couple windows and doors. Oh yes, and a balcony so no one falls down the ramp to the basement.
Our little house on the hill.
Getting the back side finished first.
The color of the roof is great ... it matches our doors and window buckings perfectly.

With the help of our friend Mike D ... the three guys were able to finish up the roof in a little over a week...there are still some things to do ... but at least it's protected from the rain.
We stayed quite busy the entire time ... the girls do all the cooking and cleaning... and the boys are building a house. We can't feed the boys enough while they kill themselves with work.
Matthew is great....he's talking more and more. Not so much w/ eating, but oh well.. that will take time.