Friday, August 15, 2008

Sippin on an Arby's orange cream swirl.

Working on the landing for the stairs.

Coming to help out.

Taking a break from a hard days work.

What a cutie patootie!

Ready to go to work.

Finishing up the loft. Mike is standing in Kim's room.

This is Matthew's room.

Laying down the sheeting for the floor.

Double insulation on the roof. We ordered our cocoa brown metal roof the other day. This roof was back breaking work for Timmy. When Mike was there he would cut the pieces and sent up to Tim... otherwise, Tim worked on it alone.

The kitties very curious about our parrot. YIKES. I came downstairs and found Amie hiding at the bottom of her cage.

EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before we left Beaver, we noticed a garbage can tipped over w/ trash everywhere..... HUM.............. yes, now we know who got into it ~ Quixa!! She left me two "presents" on the bathroom floor.... thanks Quixa. Bad doggie.

The kitties love Matthew's little Schwinn stroller... the one one top cracks me up... his little head is on the right.
I don't know if this really looks comfy? It does until I see his head!
Spoiling the bunnies. I usually give them two fat carrots every day while I'm there.