Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interior wall framing & start of loft

After a hard day of work at play... being cuddled by his Auntie Tanji while she studies.

Tim put those humungous beams up by himself w/ a little motorized lift we have. Everyone is amazed at the work Tim can do by himself!! My mom has always called him the one armed wall paper hanger.

Another beautiful sky up in Beaver. The skies are always sooo beautiful up there.

Hanging the very first TJI over our room for the loft.
This was a monster!
Seconds before this pic was taken, Tim was almost bapped on the head by that humungous TJI ... it tipped and fell and then Timmy lost his balance on the ladder. It was a near miss and scared the bajeebers out of us! I almost had a coronary heart attack.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

Mike making a cut for the basement stairs.

Matthew and Taylor watching DVD's on our way up to Beaver.
Using Penetreat and stain on the wood w/ his fly mask.
Framing in the entry hall closet. Notice Amie up top.
Getting ready to put up the loft ~ starting the interior wall framing. Framing our room/bathroom and closet. Kim's room will be right over ours.
Getting the wall up by the soon to be staircase.
Unloading most of the insulation and plywood for the roof.
Timmy putting up the double insulation ~ he's all harnassed up.
Wall next to what will be the staircase. Our bathroom will be on the other side. They've made a cut for the basement stairs.
Staining the front door.
Loading some beams thru the front door.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Front door in and stained.

Back doors in and stained.
Picture window in the kitchen finished.
Looking towards the entry way and mudroom.
Mike taking a break w/ Quixa in his new steel anti gravity lounger in the cabin.

A stain can casualty.

This was a lost dog... we were calling him "Ralphie"... but after two weeks without his owners, he's been reunited today. He got lost during a camping trip, about three miles from us.
He was one of the ugliest dogs I'd ever seen, but he was so incredibly sweet and lovable...
how you not love this mug?? I was so happy he will be w/ his real owners, but sad too b/c he was so sweet. So all while his owners were sick over losing him, he was lounging around on the deck.