Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wood burning stove up and running!

We love that 8 inch stove pipe! We get great draft.

Our first fire.
We love how big the opening is... we could stick a stump in there!


Grandma W said...
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Grandma W said...

I can almost hear the wood popping and cracking and feel the warmth. Looks really rustic and perfect for the cabin. I bet it weighs a ton.

reliv4life said...

fire - yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we still do not have our wood burning stove hooked up, but it sits in our living room... I want it for when/if we ever lose power in a storm we can still have warmth!

g-man said...

Woo Hoo for fire. I really like the warmth and smell of a wood burning stove.

I like your bedroom group. It looks better than the "in store" photo. :) The vanity and chair are awesome. Mike is certainly talented.

I hope your MRI results come out negative. Hugs for you.

Be well.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Terry,
My family used to have a giant down stairs wood/ coal burning furnace that I had to stoke at night on the farm. Got to be careful.
I hope your day is good.

Tom S
Jesus is Lord.

Clay Bowler said...

I love the smell of a hot wood-burning stove. That one looks cool.

Jen said...

So who gets to chopped up the firewood. Let me guess...
Looks really nice, I know you will get a lot of pleasure having that during the winter. enjoy!

crabby old man said...

I'd hate to cut the wood for that sucker, just teasing I cut about 3 plus cords a winter for my BRIDE'S fireplace. Hope & pray the test are good.

Chris H said...

AWESOME! Looks really lovely.

Debbie said...

Just make sure you keep the flu (sp?)open and cleaned out regularly. Some of those slow burning wood stoves are really bad about causing a build up of creosote (sp?) They sure do give good heat.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth