Thursday, February 26, 2009

Latest Beaver Cabin pics, in random order

Matthew and Mike at Home Depot in Cedar City. Matthew loves going in w/ his daddy while I sit in the car w/ the bird, dog and kitties.

The master bathroom corner "garden" tub. Kim will have a jet tub in her bathroom, too.
The interior doors. I believe Mike said this is "alder" wood.
Front w/ the side covered porch. Can't wait for the stairs!

I was standing down the side of the hill to take this picture.

I encountered lots of deer pooh pellets while roaming around down the hill. They are eating all the little trees Mike planted.
My favorite spot on the porch. Such a fantastic view and breeze! We'll be putting a porch swing there on the end.
Dining room and living room area and Matthew's room up top.

View out the dining room window. The upstairs bathroom plumbing. Tim is doing a great job.
Guess we get the railing very last.
Me and my little green girl, Aimie... Matthew in the back seat. This is one spoiled parrot.
We had such fun time.
It was very muddy, we thought we were stuck when we first drove in. Rainy and cold the first couple days.
We had lots of good dinners and yummy Amish bread.

Update on Joel: He is checking out of the hospital right now as I type .... no one knows how or why this happened to him. He will have to go get blood drawn every few days ... then eventually once a week ... still has the clot in kidney, but he's on a blood thinner. He'll go back for more tests in six months. I feel sorry for him. To spend almost a week in the hospital, but not really have any answers.


Shellmo said...

I love seeing how your cabin is shaping up! And boy does your parrot have a coy expression on his face! Will you live at that cabin full time when it's done - or will it be a vacation home?

Klin said...

How exciting!

Your men are so cute there together.

Will you update us on Joel? I have been thinking about him and hoping all is going well.

crabby old man said...


Susannah said...

How exciting the progress! My parents have had trouble w/ deer eating their plants for years. A chicken wire wrap may help. Great pictures!

Watching Michael Steele on Greta. I like him so level-headed & clear. Alrighty!

Hope you're doing okay, Terri!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I did take lots of inside pics...but all you see is interior wall framing and it all blends together...

they have almost all the electrical switches and plugs attached.... I think the electrical should be done within the week.

reliv4life said...

love the pics! look like the house is coming along very nicely! dang the deer eating the trees, they do that at our house, too! I will keep praying for Joel.

g-man said...

Very nice Terri, the shots from down the hill give an interesting perspective. I bet that swing will be awesome.

The Portas said...

Amazing pics, you guys. It's all coming together...and looking BEAUTIFUL!

Ann(ie) said...

I still cannot believe the progress!! And that tub....*sigh*
I'm coming to visit ya know. :) Love the boy-boy activities they do together....such a sweet family you have, love!

Pistolmom said...

Check this out:

Steve Harkonnen said...

NICE cabin.

I dig the parrot too....I have a yen for a parrot, and I wonder if our pug would get along with one?

Only one way to find out!

JoeinVegas said...

It is looking pretty good.

Jen said...

Great Views Terri!
Sorry to hear about your friend Joel; glad he's home. Prayers for him.

Chris H said...

The bath: what's that curved bit out the side for? Havn't seen a bath like that before.
The cabin: looks like a mansion, not a 'cabin' !
Joel: good to hear he's on the mend. Hope they can find out why it happened.

Grandma W said...

You have to see this cabin tucked away in the trees to really appreciate the beauty. Sorry to hear about the trees that Mike so diligently planted. Mother nature has no boundries when you are in her territory.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

That is going to be an amazing place.

Sorry that Joel hasn't gotten any more specific answers. Hopefully everything will be OK.

Susan said...

love your pictures, missy!!!!


Susannah said...

Hey Terri!
Thought you'd get another kick out of the piece I posted today. I embedded a link to your blog just to make things a little more interesting... When you have a minute, check it out!

'Oh the weather outside is frightful...'

Queen of the Mayhem said...

It looks so great! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Clay Bowler said...

I so badly want to move to the mountains and have a cabin too. That's awesome. Something tells me you don't need Obama helping you with your mortgage either.

Miss Got Wings said...

The place looks be-you-tee-ful! So excited for you all!