Monday, October 20, 2008

More wedding pics in addition to my previous post

Matthew was too grumpy and sick for me to go to Beaver this time ... so, I came to mom's ~ it was the only way to stop Matthew's major conniption fit. While I was here I scanned some more wedding pics.
This is Mikey and Casey. My two favorite men.
Now you can see all the beautiful dresses that Marci made. Marci is to the right and those are her little girlies. My sister Kim is next to me. Marci had just had colon cancer surgery the April before our wedding and she still made my dresses!! She's doing great BTW ~ 95% cured. Praise God!
My two best boys. I am close to 11 years older than Mike... and Mike is close to 11 years older than my son. *snort* Casey walked me down the grass to the alter.
This is Johnny and Mike... Johnny and Mike have been best friends since Jr. High ... up in San Ramon. This picture is was taken the day after the wedding while cleaning up.

I have this 5x7 framed in our den. I frequently tell Mike that I've always known Johnny is really "his best girl". I knew I caught on the rebound!! LOL


Chris H said...

Congrats on 7 awesome years chick, you and Mike make an adorable couple... love the photos!

The Portas said...

The last pic is great! Ha ha, how funny! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. Happy 7 years!! xoox

Shellmo said...

That last photo made me laugh too! you all make such an attractive family!

Burg said...

These are all great!! I especially love the one of Mike and his buddy! LOL!!

Myself said...

Wow what a lovely couple

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - and I just loved the photos! The last pic is hillarious - we have a similar photo of Paul and his long time best friend too.

John and Cheryl said...

Happy 7th. What a fun and happy day. Oh yes, the photo of John and Mike is priceless. Miss you both!

Cheryl, John, Ali and Tyler

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Mike seems like such a great guy....I am so glad you two found each other! It seems like a match made in Heaven!

Happy anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversry!
Love the pictures Lovebirds!