Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our new "old" woodburning stove

Well, here it is. The wood burning stove we bought from a family in Cedar City. Timmy found it for us by listening to "Tradio"... it's a program where you listen to local classifieds on the radio!! Very very country... it's so funny. This stove is going to be great because there is a blower on the back that will blow the heat coming from the fire (thru those little holes up top) and 8 inch tube ... also, we will be able to burn coal along with the wood. The doors are huge so we could burn a stump! Can you see the deers and the moose on the front?? This puppy was approx 600lbs... it took 4 strong "he men" to carry it up into the family room.

This old one cost us only a third of what a brand new one would cost and fits our needs a lot more. I would have liked to have had a glass front, but we'll get a screen. We bought some beautiful slate from Home Depot, it will go under the stove.
It's an "Indian multi color"... something like that. It's going to be pretty.

Just got home from spending almost two weeks in Beaver. Mike has done a lot of the caulking on the outside of the cabin.

I won't be going up for a couple weeks.
This month is a busy doctor month ... we spent almost 2 hours at his pulmonologist office yesterday... we go for a kidney reflux test Tuesday (that will NOT be fun for Matthew or us) ... he as a GI doctor appointment and an ECHO in a couple weeks. The last ECHO was 6 months ago. As usual, I get nervous about the ECHO. Hoping for no more leaking and no sludge build up on that valve.

Not much else going on around here.


In_spired said...

Love your "old" new stove!! It looks just like our stove except our's is electric w/artificial flames. No coal or wood for us!! It's just for atmosphere for our small living room but surprisingly, the electric heat does a good job!

Ter...I know what you mean about "the race"...I don't like McCain and I'm scared of Obama. At least, Mike has a good attitude...his comment gives us some hope.

Miss you, Girl! Prayers are with you during the "doctor month". Keep us updated...

RWA said...

Very nice stove...I'll be thinking of y'all next week. I hope everything goes well.

crabby old man said...

Glad to hear from You again, pray the test come back o.k.
Hug Matthew for me.

Chris H said...

I love the new 'old' stove! Tis beautiful! YOu could always get glass doors made for it? I hope all goes well with Matthew's appointments. Politics, they are bad enough HERE without worrying about YOURS mate! lol

reliv4life said...

I LOVE the wood stove!! It will be fantastic. I will be thinking of you and Mathew and all the medical stuff coming up. Weird, I agreed with your politcal views almost to a tee!! I love the quote about carter and reagan!

Attila The Mom said...

Love the stove! We have an antique one that heats our great room, and it works wonders!!

Keeping my fingers crossed on the tests!

Shellmo said...

Your "new" wood stove is great! Great idea to put it on slate! I am hunting for fireplaces right now.
Many blessings for Matthew and hope his upcoming appointments all turn out well! You have my prayers.

The Portas said...

I LOVE the stove!

We'll be praying for Matthew, and for you guys, these next few weeks, with icky appointments and tests happening. Hang in there, they'll soon be done.


Miss Got Wings said...

what a beautiful stove - your place is going to be so cozy!

i'm praying for good news and a healthy heart for your upcoming MD visits. Keep us posted on the results.

as for the race, i'm just about to throw my hands up. I most certainly will not be voting for Obama because my values, my faith, the foundations of this country, and national security would be placed in jeopardy in his hands. However, I'm not too thrileld about McCain either. And now that Barack has bought all of this air time b/c he was too big of a baby after the last debate and not following the time limits he agreed to, I am really scared that it may really be over for McCain. Of course, I will still get out there and vote. Can't complain unless we take part in the process, right?

The whole thing is just so frustrating, especially at a time as critical as this. We certainly do need a Reagan. We'll just have to vote for the closest thing to him.

JoeinVegas said...

It looks like when you burn stuff the house will get all filled with smoke too. But it is pretty. (notice how I skipped over the politics stuff?)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...



uh.. yes I did! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the stove! I'm not fond of either candidate, but I agree - Obama makes me VERY nervous.