Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beaver blog cabin

Working on the entry way.

Preparing for the front entrance door.

Toodles working his magic on the entry way. Again, this guy is amazing w/ the chainsaw!!!

Mike has started "cleaning" the logs on the outside w/ Messmer's cleaner, preparing for the beautiful stain we picked out. We ordered Messmer's UV Plus Natural Cedar for our cabin ~ we received THE GREATEST MOST EXCEPTIONAL help from a gentleman named Charlie at Messmer's. This stain will be good for our cabin logs AND the deck. We are thrilled about that.
Our windows came in a week or so ago. Things are starting to really take shape. After the staining and getting the winders in, we will start the roof.
Once the roof is up, we'll (they'll) work on the loft and decking.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Love the play on words!

The cabin is looking great!

Hope to see it in person one day!

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

RWA said...

Y'all (they) are doing a great job!

Jen said...

You know I have a great interest in watching the progress here. Nice to see someone else go through all this work. LOL!
Looking good!

crabby old man said...

Have you got mine & Magoo room finshed yet???????
It's looking good.

Debbie said...

Progress may seem slow, but it will be worth it. I always loved log cabins. Tell the chainsaw man to be very careful.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Grandma W said...

Can't wait to get back up to Beaver and see the latest progress. Standing inside this master piece is awesome. You really get the feel of the height and all the wood.Papa's knee surgery will keep us grounded for about another month.

Anonymous said...

Making progress

I see a lot of progress made and things will get better as the weather changes in Utah - I will be in Utah for the Memorial Day weekend [I can't wait]. Thanks for reading and have a fine Vegas week.

Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabin and Beaver has so many great places to play. I am soooo envious.

Thanks for visiting my blog...I have had a sobering time reading all the trials you have encountered with your beloved Matthew. God speed to you.