Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Beaver pics

Mike narrowly missed cutting his finger off with a skillsaw ...... a little wake up call. YIKES! Thank goodness Timmy was there to care for his finger, I wanted to throw up looking at it. In the end..... it wasn't too too bad.... just a little deep.... but it's looking good now.
Thanks Tim and Mikey (Tim's brother) for fixing up my Mike's finger.

Mike washing/cleaning the logs... applying a bug and fungus treatment in preparation for the stain. Mom asked me why Mike was so far from the cabin...the reason is because the ramp to the basement is on that side. He had to move the scaffolding a few times. I have some great action pics of Timmy working his magic w/ his chain saw, but it's on the other camera. I will post some pics soon.
*LOL* What can I say ... there are six kids and three adults living in this house. Not including when we stay for a few days!!! It's quite fun at their house. Never a dull moment at the Baxter's!!!

The windows for the cabin. That first one in front is the "picture window" that will be over the sink in the kitchen. I'll be able to look at the beautiful mountains while washing dirty dishes.

Snow at the end of May.

One of the kitties born to Tim and Tanji's cat.

Thirteen kitties total were born to two cats. You can bet they don't have problems w/ mice!

Easter ducks and bunnies. Oh yes, there is a chicken back there, too. They are now enjoying life down at the pond.


Shellmo said...

These were fun pics!!

Jen said...

Piles of everything!!! Funny!

The saw always sent shivers down my spine when my husband was using it. I hated it when I had to help him hold something he was cutting. Glad Mike is okay--whew......!

Miss Got Wings said...

great pics! glad Mike's finger is ok. And what cute little kitties!

I can't beleive how fast the house is taking shape. I'm sure you guys are thrilled. Enjoy!

The Portas said...

Great pics! Mike, be careful! No more close calls with cutting off your fingers. :) The cabin looks guys are doing a wonderful job!

RWA said...

Great pictures. It looks like there is always something going on at the Beaver Blog Cabin project!

Glad to hear Mike's finger is OK.

julie said...

I am so afraid of heights that picture on the skafolding makes my stomach do summersaults.

The kittens are soooo cute!!!!

Jennifer said...

Great pics, Terri.

And the piles of shoes is so comforting to me. I'm glad we're not the only one with those kinds of things lying around.


carmachu said...

gloves are always a life saver. They saved dad from losing his thumb with a cement mixer...

Ann(ie) said...

ohmahgah!!! Those saw's fareak me out! That place is looking incredible. wow. And that little itty bitty kitty looks just like my Sambo did 14 years ago. Before she turned crazy. ;) Happy Weekend. xo.