Thursday, May 17, 2007

Comparison is the death of contentment.

This is a pretty enlightening statement my husband said to me the other day. I don't know where he heard it, but it is something I will always keep in mind.

Isn't it sooo true? ???

Lately, I have been in the habit of comparing Matthew to other two year olds.

I know I should not do that because Matthew's circumstances are so different than most two year olds. It's also not fair to Matthew.

But then I started thinking...... this statement runs true for other comparisons, not just comparing children. I do catch myself once in a while wanting "what my friends" have.
*chuckle chuckle* It is in the Bible that we shouldn't "covet." DOH!!!

So.. this one sentence has helped me to keep my comparisons in check.

We're off to Beaver for the weekend!

Have a fun and safe weekend yourself!!



Bob Dylan said...

In this world, people desire that old keep up with the jones' thing gone mad... even little kids are exposed to wanting a whole lot of crap thinking it is the key to happiness...somehow.

desire for things is such a trap, it makes people slightly dissatisfied with the way things are -- and then they miss out on all these tiny things, these tiny wondrous things that are right there in front of them.

Kids (no matter what)are all at different levels of growth and march to their own drummer. I know some people say things, but ya gotta watch them blossom in their own time with their own ways and personalities. Your kid is a super kid.

Terri said...

Desire for things is such a trap!!!

amyerj said...

I love it... am posting it on my wall now. Have a GREAT weekend!

Queen of the Mayhem said...


I do think it is easy for people to get caught up.......and usually the kind of people that need all the "status" things are the most unhappy of all!

I do the comparison thing from time to time....almost never ends well! :)

Anonymous said...

My parents always taught us to be happy with what we have - and we are - I think that goes with kids too. One thing that has grown so apparant with me is that all of my kids are so completely different. I could no sooner compare them to each other than Jacob to other 2 year olds, etc. Enjoy them and help them grow and be happy they are yours. :)

I love the quote, it is a great one and so, so true.

Mamma said...

What a wonderul sentiment to share. I need to remember this myself.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Well there is my notice and I still can't make it down there to meet you! I have a wedding and a baby shower to go to on Saturday.

I love this phrase! Wise man you've got!

Dorky Dad said...

Comparing yourself, or your kid, to anyone else is fairly dangerous. But I agree with you that it is next to impossible. I'm always doing that with my own boy -- trying to see how he stacks up against other kids.

Lainey-Paney said...

Have a good time at Beaver!


I'm_Inspired said...

I know this is a true statement but have never heard the expression "Comparison is the death of contentment"!

My question is....Did M come up with this on his own, or, where in the world did he hear it?

Love it!!

Nancy said...

Thank you for that message. It is so true! I have a bad habit of comparing all my faults against other people's strong points. Now how fair is that? I need to remember this saying.

And Terri, I catch myself doing the comparison thing with my kids too, especially Miss Jess. It makes me sad to see other kids her age going off to college, getting jobs, dating and doing other fun things when she is stuck at home. But then I remind myself how lucky we are that she is still alive and how much she loves life. I appreciate each smile, each hug and each drawing she gives me. I appreciate all the more the things that she CAN do. I just appreciate her.

Nancy said...

I forgot to say, have a great weekend in Beaver!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I remember when my son took his first steps and a cousin-in-law had to broadcast to everyone that HER son took HIS first steps 4 days earlier--this ran through the dysfunctional family like wildfire--my son was "behind" hers! I had to get busy and get my kid up to speed!

I couldn't believe people took this seriously in any way. I felt like asking "Are you people all freaks?"

way to put on some pressure--but it never let up. I had to learn to either laugh or lie about my kid "well he said a COMPLETE SENTENCE last month! --maybe he's just got nothin' much to say, full sentence wise THIS month!"

this is an area where menfolks are as bad as the womenfolks-- Der, My kid is taller than your kid!


yerdoingitwrong said...

I do the same with Ben and I've got to knock it off. He was very slow at rolling over and it was stressing me out. But, he smiles ALL of the time, laughs and babbles up a storm so I'm just pretty certain he'll be brilliant. =) hehe.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, girlie.

crabby old man said...

No need of comparing Matthew,for he's the best

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Very good point!