Thursday, December 11, 2008

It was a cold three days in Beaver!!

This is a very windy spot ... and when that wind blows ... it's blistering... poor Timmy... his face is so red, that it's almost purple.

Mike backfilling before he starts the front porch.

I love that the deck is so high.. the basement will still get lots of sun.

The three mouseketeers staining all four sides of the wood before attaching to the frame on the deck. They were so cute... listening to Country Chuck on the radio.


Miss Got Wings said...

Lookin' good! When can I come over for a cup of coffee? heehee

Jen said...

BRRRRR. As long as they stay busy I guess they will stay warm and that doesn't look like it will be a problem. :)
Looks great!

reliv4life said...

looks good! so what was the temp?

Chris H said...

I seem to remember snow was on the ground when you started this cabin!!! Time is flying by, hope it's all finished before next summer!!!

g-man said...

Very cool. I really like how the front porch looks. I can't imagine working ion the cold like that, although I suppose that once you get used to it you are used to it.

Grandma W said...

We use to park our RV right where the house stands today and I can attest the updraft from the hill (wind)is fierce. In the heat of the summer; however, it is heavenly. With the cross ventilation, this cabin should remain cool during the summer months.

The deck is going to also be an asset added. Looks like they are coming along nicely with both the inside and outside. It's amazing what these two guys can do together.