Thursday, November 20, 2008

The last window is in!

Yes, it's taken a while... but it's finally done. That window was so heavy that the guys needed at least three bodies to get it up there. Also, Mike has been using the scaffolding for caulking.
But.. here it is! Looks good huh!
Tim working is chain saw magic again.

Last week, we were at the cabin while it was dark out .... it was awesome. We were standing in the family room ... and that upper "picture" window WAS like a picture ... you could see the moon perfectly with the stars. It was so beautiful... That was another one of our changes that worked out for the best. Originally, that was going to be Matthew's room, but we just couldn't cover up that beam and tung n groove work.


Shellmo said...

Your log home is so beautiful - the angles and the big windows are just perfect!!

Merle Sneed said...

Just spectacular.

Grandma W said...

The last window has been installed. All I can say is "let it snow, let it snow".

The stairs are almost complete. Those Mike and Tim can sure get a lot done working together.

The house in Shellmo's picture looks like Tim and Tanji's log house. It's beautiful.

g-man said...

It is funny. It was monday when I stopped here and saw the stairs (Wicked cool by the way.) and I commented to myself, when are they going to "fix" that last window? I assume that it was used to pass materials through.

Very nice indeed.

Tonya said...

I bet that is a nice feeling to have that last window in!

Chris H said...

Log Cabin? More like Log Mansion... it is so beautiful.

In_spired said...

Terri...I can't get over the ENORMITY of that "cabin". In looking at the guys as they work in comparison to their surroundings, it is simply mind-boggling!! Maybe it's just the angle at which the pics are taken..I'm not great at photography. All I know is to point 'n shoot! Anyway....GREAT JOB!!