Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yowza!! This is what happens when the wind catches the metal... it bore itself into this beam on the ground... we had to make sure no one and no doggies were underneath the roof until it was secured.

Mikey going on his first ride along for Bow Hunting.... my "virgin hunter"... hee hee. Mike had the greatest time... now that the roof is on, the boys can have a little "he man" fun time.

Tim hates having his picture taken.. he's trying to get away from me.
Matthew showing off his peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich. Yummy.

The roof is on... they just need to put the trim on the front to cover the insulation.
The loft is done... and the boys are framing the rooms in. They are in the process of putting the windows in upstairs. Mike has been caulking the back side of the house. Once the caulking is done and the windows/doors are all in... they will start the covered deck. Woo Hoo... it's coming along. We bought a wood burning stove and some beautiful slate last week... I will post a pic soon. It's a huge stove w/a blower fan ~ we can load up w/ coal and wood. Can't beat free heat!

A picture Kim took of Sunny while we were gone... he gets lonely, so we have arranged for him to have visitors. Kim is Sunny's favorite person, even though I AM THE ONE who feeds him and takes care of him. When Kim comes over, he practically jumps on her, it's funny. What a silly bird.
The view out of Matthew's room. This will be a trapezoid window. You can barely see all the moo moo cows down in the field. The neighbs were joking around that this would be a perfect place to hunt for the deer in the fields ..... *eh hem* NOT!


Shellmo said...

The roof looks great! Can't wait to see your wood burning stove!

Grandma W said...

In a few months that stove will be put to good use as those Northerly winds start to blow scattered with flakes of snow. Did I mention it gets really really cold too?

Sonny can be very loveable when he wants to. Kim knows he won't bite her. Grandma does not have that secure feeling. I talk to him from a far. Ha Ha It seems to work.

Merle Sneed said...

Just beautiful kiddo.

furiousBall said...


crabby old man said...

You need to finish my & Magoo's room 1st

Chris H said...

Wow what a gorgeous view! Adn is that a sandwich in Magoo's mouth!!!! HOW NEAT.

JoeinVegas said...

It keeps looking better and better. Very nice place.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

It is looking SO wonderful!

I am very happy for you guys! :)

RWA said...

That's fantastic. It is really coming along.