Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

Mike making a cut for the basement stairs.

Matthew and Taylor watching DVD's on our way up to Beaver.
Using Penetreat and stain on the wood w/ his fly mask.
Framing in the entry hall closet. Notice Amie up top.
Getting ready to put up the loft ~ starting the interior wall framing. Framing our room/bathroom and closet. Kim's room will be right over ours.
Getting the wall up by the soon to be staircase.
Unloading most of the insulation and plywood for the roof.
Timmy putting up the double insulation ~ he's all harnassed up.
Wall next to what will be the staircase. Our bathroom will be on the other side. They've made a cut for the basement stairs.
Staining the front door.
Loading some beams thru the front door.


Grandma W said...

Wow, the cabin is really taking shape. I was glad to see that Matthew helped his dad and Time get the wall straight. It is all really "look'n good".

Chris H said...

It's coming along..... I almost feel like it's 'our' house cos I have watched it's construction from start to now! Maybe I will come visit one day and can even sit in that beautiful cabin!

Shellmo said...

Love seeing how it's all coming together - the ceiling heights are going to be great!

crabby old man said...

Looks like it's coming together. Know Y'all will be proud of it when You get thru with it. Love the pictures of Magoo

Jen said...

You know your cookin now, since walls are being set!
I may be taking a trip in November. ;)

Ann(ie) said...

I'm gonna need to come visit. Just FYI. ;) xo.

RWA said...

Every time you post new pictures, that place is more and more impressive.

I know it's been a lot of work, but I am certain y'all are going to have great times there.

The Portas said...

Looks great! It's coming together so nicely. Look at all those hard workers..

g-man said...

Hola Terri!

We just got back from our vacation in a log cabin in the woods. I thought of you guys frequently as I pondered the construction of the house we were in.

Yours is looking GREAT!