Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

The back french doors and two of the four 3x5 double hung windows.

Tim taking a little phone break. He's getting the posts up in preparation for the winders.
Mike staining the side. It takes one whole day to do each side.
A breakfast w/ the kiddies.... still trying to entice Magoo to eat food!! We had Mickey Mouse waffles. Of course, Matthew didn't want anything.
The back side all stained... you can see the other side is not done yet.
So, what do ya think? We used Natural Cedar stain.
The front door window.
This is our very expensive front door w/ transom and a dentil shelf under the window.
This is the balcony door and other doors.
I helped Timmy with the window buckings. I also helped to stain. Finally, I get to help out!
Mikey getting ready to go train the forces at the firing range.


furiousBall said...

LOVE that front door

Klin said...

Love the Craftsman style front door. It's looking great. I like the stain. Helps it look natural.

Chris H said...

WOW, doors and windows, it's starting to look habitable! When you are all up there.. ummm... where do ya all go piddles??? Are the bathrooms installed then? Love the front door window treatment.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

It just looks fabulous! I can not wait to see the finished product!!

In_spired said...

"a dentil shelf under the window"... WHAT is this? I mean...WHY is it called a dentil shelf? We have one under the windows of our front door, but I've never heard it called anything.

The photos are Phantastico!!(how's that for a word??)

crabby old man said...

The pictures of the house were real nice ,but I loved the picture of the kids

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


yes well, Mike had to have a "dentil shelf" we had to special order it...

that's just what it was called when we ordered it..
a decorative shelf...

Mike is going to make one himself for the inside.

Grandma W said...

Everything about the cabin looks wonderful. The windows, the doors, the windows and the color. Mike and Tim have quite an accomplishment and will be able to brag for years to come.

I love the last picture of our fearless cop in uniform. Isn't he good looking????? (smile)

Jen said...

Wow Wee again.
Soon it will be a Home.
Stain looks great and I love Mike's staining suit. I gotta get one of those for next time. :)
The door gets 10 stars!
Hi Magoo! :) eat some waffles...

Jen said...

Happy Father's Day to Mike!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good

Looking good and I see a LOT of progress made during the LONG and HOT days of summer. Hard work is paying off. I hope to be able to visit my home in St George by the first week of August. Take care.

Thanks for reading !!!