Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beaver blog cabin

We just got home from spending three beautiful days in Beaver. The boys worked on the mudroom beams ~ it's looking magnificent. Soon, they'll be working on the entry way. It's coming right along, we're so excited. Again, we are blessed to have Timmy in charge of building our cabin, he is amazingly smart and conscientious. We could have not asked for a better "busy Beaver cabin builder"!!!!
The windows and doors have all been ordered and should be there in the next month or so.
The log stain and caulking have been ordered, too.
Someday, when we are able to complete the cabin w/the garage butt'd up to the mudroom, it will be even more AWESOME.

It was so cute. After a hard long day for the boys, they'd come home to eat dinner and end the day playing "You're a Rock Star" (or something like that) on their PlayStation.
Mike, Tim & Tanji would be on the drums, guitar and singing to head banging rock music.
Tanji was usually the singer! I have the funniest pictures I will post later.


Andrea W. said...

How fun, your cabin is looking GREAT! I can't believe how much it's progressed in the few months I've been following the process. Congrats! Sounds like a great mix of work and play!

furiousBall said...

i've been practicing with my son's lincoln logs, i think i'm ready to help now

RWA said...

It really is coming along.

Looks like they have fun with "Rock Band" - or whatever that game is called.

Jen said...

Looking good! What product will you use to treat the outside? We had terrible results with Woodguard--the stain washed out everytiime it rained and left big black drip marks. We redid it four times in only 7 years. Even had company reps come--with no resolve.
We used a product by Olympic last year--so far so good.

T & T said...

Terri it's been a while since I've been over here so I'm catching up! Lot's going on in your beautiful world. I'll have to keep reading but how's your little guy? He's just so precious. Would your cabin be in Beaver, OR? We use to live in portland & Seattle and are now moving back to Seattle. Plus my step-son will be going to College in Portland or Cascade(we think) so we might get to meet up one of these days, I know there both a pretty good ways away but what a beautiful drive. The Cabin is gorgeous by the way. Hugs to all!!
The Sams Family

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...