Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beaver Blog Cabin

Timmy finishing up that last bit of tung n' groove and tar paper.

We forgot our "good" camera, these are from my cell phone.
It was snowy/rainy and cold most of the time the guys were up there, I think we had one decent day.

That's standing at the entry way looking up ... over the dining room/kitchen area.


Terry said...

Oh, It looks beautiful!

Chris H said...

some 'cabin'... a 'cabin' brings to mind a little log cabin consisting of one room !!! Yours in more like Beaver Log Mansion!!!! It is looking amazing, really taking shape now!

In_spired said...

This is the most awesome structure I've ever seen!!....well....from the ground, up, anyway.

Will decorating be shared by members of the family or do you plan to have a professional decorator do it all?

Grandma W said...

This is the most awesome home both inside and out. The pictures don't do it justice. Michael and Tim Baxter have built this cabin from scratch. They are the dynamic duo, for sure........... Be safe, guys!
grandma wright

g-man said...

Lookin' great!!

You are going to host the Beaver Blog Fest or something when it is done right? :)