Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beaver blog cabin pics and more :-)

Mike sent me these tongue and groove pics a few minutes ago. This is the front entry room area.
The T&G in this picture is over the great room.
This is the front entry. The mudroom will have it's own roofline... and the entry area will have an "A" frame entry.

Mike just left for Beaver. He missed going during his last three days off *pouts* because he was scheduled to go to court for a trial ~ but then the trial was cancelled at the very last minute. GAH! I guess it worked out for the best because he ended up being sick. The boys will be busy for the next three days "making tongue and groove history" as Tim says. The "busy Beaver builders" are looking forward to getting a lot done, weather permitting. It's been crazy snowy and windy the past few weeks.

Matthew and I stayed behind because we are both sick. Matthew is on antibiotics again, poor little fella. It's been a tough month for him. He just can't fight off illnesses very well.
You can see the tongue and groove being started.
Look at that snow! We'd much rather have snow than rain, that's for sure!

Mike took this pic from the very top beam going across the house ~ that is 29 feet high. I yi yi.
Quixa looking for "Fluffy". Here kitty kitty!
Matthew is spending his third day hanging out on the couch. He never does that!!!
The pretty roses Mike sent me for Valentine's Day.


furiousBall said...

cabin looks great. i love my couch with a tenacity unforeseen by mankind

Andrea W. said...

Terri,the cabin looks so great! I'm so sorry Matthew is sick and you too, yuck! Also, beautiful roses, Mike did great!

crabby old man said...

A rose for another pretty ROSE Sorry that sweet boy does not feel well.

Kathy said...

The cabin looks great!!!
I hope you and Matthew feel better soon!
Just enjoy holding the couch both could use a little rest!!!

Debbie said...

Those are great pictures. What is the square footage? The first pictures you had up the cabin looked HUGE, but it's hard to tell on these. You will love it when finished.

Poor you and Matthew. It's so hard to be sick and have that illness to keep dragging on. Especially on top of other health problems.

I'm a healthy person, but it took my ribs one full month to heal up after all the coughing I did with my cold, bronchitis, etc. Thank goodness for a doctor friend who called me in some Rx, an inhaler, antibiotics, cortisone and cough syrup. Hubby's laying in the hospital with a heart attack and I'm coughing my head off. What a pair, ha.

Everything's fine with us now and it will be with you also I hope, soon.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

david santos said...

Excellent work, Terri!
Thank you

Chris H said...

Poor wee Matthew does not look well. The cabin is looking very
'loggish'... lol!

Klin said...

Your Matthew is so cute. Too bad he is sick.

Those flowers are pretty.

I really want a cabin. Beaver, Utah is only 2 and half hours from our home. That would be perfect for me. I'll just admire yours in Beaver, somewhere for now.

g-man said...

Playing catch-up ... I recorded the whole CNN show, but only have watched your link so far. I do hope that it brings to light all the families that are in your boat.

Congrats to Mike!!!! Go Sarge.

We have been battling the sickies in our house too. I feel for you.

The cabin looks great!

MissGotWings said...

feel better Terri! Little Magoo too. So sad when the little ones are sick :(

The weather up here is constantly changing so no one can get rid of their sickness - gah!

Anonymous said...

It's looking great!

A Little Revolution said...

I was supposed to testify at three kids trials because I saw them shoplifting. All the trials were canceled as the kids plead out, but I showed up to each because no one told me. It may not be a great cabin, but you won two awards at once on my blog!

JoeinVegas said...

It's nice - but I still don't know why you are building it in the winter. Hope you have fun there.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

This is Tim's 4th cabin, and he said he'd rather build in the winter anyday over the summer.

In the Summer, the logs twist, tongue and groove warp, it's hot and sweaty w/ flies. Not to mention the damage rain can do.

I was surprised to hear that, but they love the winter. The don't like the wind though. The wind is harsh.

They actually get warm while working and sometimes end up taking some coats off. BUT That's without the wind.

Little Baby Manning said...

looking good! and little matthew looks so cute and peaceful - i wish he'd start feeling better :)

Dan said...

Were it possible to steal an entire house, I know exactly where I would be stealing from. Plus, being wood, it should float across the Atlantic nicely.