Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy Beaver Builder random "Spiderman" pics

Mikey, Tim's brother holding the ladder for my Mikey... and Tanji guiding the beam.

I believe they are 29 feet high.

Mikey on the ladder and Tim (in red) laying on his belly on the other beam!! Actually, after a second peek, Timmy is on the very top beam!

Tim and dad bracing the roof and loft beam.

"Spiderman" Tim. Yes, he scares the crap out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Mikey. He's in heaven up in Beaver, building our dream "family" cabin. My sister and parents are part of this cabin kit ~ we wanted it big enough for all of us to enjoy forever.

Tim again... being fearless.
Tanji... what a trooper girl ... she guided the beams as the crane moved them over the house.

Mikey and Tim.

My dad, Mikey (Tim's brother) and Tim.

My teddy bear pancake. Isn't it cute... I made the kiddies a couple turtles and a teddy bear...
it was supposed to be Mickey Mouse.. but ended up being a bear.


A Little Revolution said...

The house sure is coming along nicely.

Chris H said...

Amazing photos, you don't realise the size of the building until you add a man lying on a beam! Scary stuff!!!

furiousBall said...

Of all the pictures on here, I could definitely do the pancake thing... the building the cabin thing, definitely need some help!

Merle Sneed said...

A) Maybe you should stop calling it the Beaver cabin and start calling it the Beaver mansion.

b) it's good that the pancakes turned out to be bears, otherwise Disney might sue you.

Grandma W said...

After watching Tim and Mike crawl all over those beams like two monkies, I wonder what they do to get their "thrills".

I got a nose bleed just watching those guys up so high. I'm glad to see the hard hats and safety glasses.

I am in absolute awe at the progress these few people have made. It proves it is not "how many" you have working; but "who you have".

Ann(ie) said...

You guys are making some incredible progress!!!

And I'm lovin me that cute lil pancake.