Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Casey hasn't gone back to the cath lab yet, it's 4:50 ~ think it's going to be a longgggg night

5:40 pm ~ He just went back. The doctor met w/ my sister Kim. He'll be in good hands, there will be four other docs back there. A couple hours they said.

In his face w/ the camera. Just trying to take his mind of his worries. We kept teasing him that they are going to shave his groin.

Heading to the "sandbox". Poor guy... he was covering up just in time.

A self portrait from the bed.

I was totally getting on his nerves w/ my cell camera.

Dang!! He's still sitting in the pre~op recovery room .... he's been at the hospital since 10:45 am... I guess the first cath took longer than expected. When I left around 4pm, they had just started on the second cath patient.

So, I am home ... my sister, my dad and Joel are still there. They will let me know when they take him back. He's complaining that he's hungry and thirsty... hence the little citrus swabs.

My baby!! I was giving him such a hard time.
He kept making a mad face, but then he'd crack up when I'd take a pic.
My sister Kim and Joel.


Chris H said...

Do you know what? in that 2nd to last photo where he's side on and frowning he look so much like Matthew!!!!! Hope all is going well.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I think he looks like Matthew in all these photos. Amazing!

I am glad you were such good entertainment with the camera! Best wishes, Casey!

Kathy said...

Poor thing! he going to stay with you for a few days...or was the camera phone too much for one day??
Next time you need an overnight me...I'll feed his bed for you!

In_spired said...

Ter...these are wonderful pictures!!! I see right now, I MUST HAVE A CAMERA PHONE!

crabby old man said...

Hope that soon they repair what needs doing, will continue to Pray

Lis Garrett said...

Great photos, but so sorry that things didn't go as planned. Hugs to all! (shhh ~ don't tell my husband I'm crushin' on your son! he's so darn cute, even in hospital garb)