Friday, March 16, 2007

Testifying before the Legislators coming up

Oh Godrey, I'm nervous!

We received and e~mail from Senator Heck this week confirming that we still plan to testify before the Nevada Legislators. No doubt, we will testify. We aren't sure if we'll be able to go up to Carson City. It all depends on Matthew's health.. he's still experiencing some issues w/ his lungs and I can't go out of town unless he's 100%. The original plan was to go up to the state capital and be there in person ... but we may have to stay here and speak via teleconference. An anchor from Channel 3 news wants to be there. We're fortunate that the local news media wants to be involved. Nothing like the media to help keep on the lawmakers and the nay sayers!!

I have been told that our story is "the perfect storm" and it should help to open some eyes around here!

The Fraternal Order of Police is also helping us to lobby for much needed changes in this state. (It is all explained in my post dated Feb. 21st re: Healthcare/Health Insurance.)
A representative from the FoP has already talked to several lawmakers and is trying to set up a meeting with the Governor and/or his wife.

I have a phone conference scheduled with the General Council for Governor Gibbons on Tuesday at 10 am ... I'm very excited. I am the big ole squeaky wheel and I want to be the "John Walsh" for the middle class and above when you "run out" of health insurance or if you're uninsurable.

I have a local pediatrician on board, too ~ YAY!.... he is starting all over in his 60's after his wife suffered a stroke and lived for one year in a facility .... it wiped him out. He ended up having to divest and become her legal guardian (instead of her husband.) I actually have two other families of cardiac babies that will testify ... they also ran out of insurance, with no good options.

I just need to sit my bupp cheeps down and write out my testimony .... it will be similar to our speech back in August ~ I have to get as much power to my punch as possible!!
I want it to be perfect ... to the point ... effective.... and no rambling (I tend to do that) ... but there is so much to say!!!

I will be glad when it's over ~ it should be in the next couple weeks. I get the biggest butterflies when I think of it! :-/

P.S. A senior editor for The New Republic magazine in Washington D.C. contacted me this week (he wrote a powerful article in October about what happened to us) and he is interested in using our story for an AARP magazine article. He has a book coming out in April regarding healthcare in the U.S.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Maybe you are finally going to get the attention you, and others like you, deserve!

I am so proud of you!

What a loving testament to Matthew!

Go little world changer, you! :)

Burg said...

Read 'em the riot act sister!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am proud of you too! This is such a huge undertaking for your family to make your voices heard. I am in awe of your dedication to Matthew and to those strangers you've never met that you might improve their futures as well.

You've got heart, Terri! No matter how perfect your testimony is, your heart will do most of the talking. Go get 'em!

amyerj said...

You are my hero!

Nancy said...

Terri, you and Mike are doing an incredible job! I'm sooooooo proud of you!!!! Go get 'em!

g-man said...

I'm sorry that it is pain that brought you here, but I'm glad that you are standing up and being the squeaky wheel! To paraphrase "The Incredibles", You will remind them who YOU ARE. Fight. Win!!! And call me when you get back darling, I so enjoy our conversations. :)